So it’s been a couple weeks since my last blog post and even more than that since my last game design related blog post. I’ve been busy working away both at my job as well as planning a game with a small group of people I met recently. A majority of my time has been spent reading articles about various game design concepts and getting more familiar with different aspects such as shaders and what not. Today I spent a little time playing around with shaders in Unity and also made a couple low poly trees (following a tutorial of course) so that I can make some placeholder models if nothing else. While I primarily like to focus on the programming side of game development, I do feel that I would benefit by learning how to make low poly models at least.

As you can see, the trees turned out… eh… ok? In reality they aren’t that good, but could’ve been worse right? As you may have noticed I also used a toon shader for the trees. I used the toon shader from the Unity effects package. While it does make things look toonish, I was a bit saddened to see that their outline toon shader wasn’t all that great. At further distances from the camera the outlines would lose their fidelity and begin to deteriorate. I didn’t use the outline toon shader for this screenshot, just the regular toon shader. One of my goals to learn how to implement a toon shader with functional outlines, but at this stage it’s still a bit outside the realm of understanding for me. I’m gonna start basic with shaders, and for any effects that I would like to use that are more complicated, I will use an existing unity shader if possible, but eventually I would like to move away from the shaders in Unity because some of them are just not so great.

So while I haven’t made any progress with the tutorials I was previously working on, I do feel that I’m building the necessary skill sets to start making some prototypes of my own. Hope everyone had great holidays. Until next time!